Remote Assistance: Human Guides AI

Launch autonomous driving services 
now, with a flawless customer experience

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Remote Driving:
Human In Control

Bring driverless experiences to your customers now, through remote driving

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This is Remote Driving

Engage your customers with luxury mobility services

Leverage remote driving today to launch a series of premium services such as remote valet parking, on-demand designated driving, and no-headache service and charging.

Transform the economics of vehicle fleets

Optimize vehicle operations by putting the driver in the command center instead of the cabin. With remote drivers instantly moving between vehicles as needed, eliminate downtime of both vehicle and driver.

Accelerate adoption of driverless experiences

Your customers want driverless experiences now, but do not yet fully trust AI drivers. Meet customer demand today with remote driving, and re-balance the human<>AI combination over time. 

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This is Remote Assistance

Commercialize autonomy today–with 100% uptime

With human assistance, driverless vehicles quickly solve challenging situations to maximize uptime. For example, tele-operators select the best path, draw a new route, or re-classify detected objects. The Manager Console and Fleet Dashboard complete the enterprise platform for commercialization.

Expand your autonomy footprint faster

Any kind of autonomous vehicle benefits from tele-operations. Ottopia helps close the gap on the “last 10%” needed to launch new vehicles, or to launch in a new market. Remote humans quickly adapt to new situations and teach the AI driver how to react.

Increase customer trust in autonomous vehicles

Reliably back-up your AI with humans, to provide a flawless rider experience with human interaction when needed. In many countries, regulation even requires a remote human in the loop for deployment. 

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One operator, many vehicles

Ottopia's platform enables efficient management of vehicle fleets of any size and type, including cars, trucks and delivery robots. Ottopia boosts efficiency by maximizing the number of vehicles per operator.

Track and analyze system performance.

Along with the complete functional platform for tele-operations, Ottopia also offers extensive analytical capabilities
 to constantly improve your operational efficiency